Picture of Anya of IndoorPlantsforBeginners.com

Hello and welcome!

Anya here 👋🏻

In the early days of creating the Indoor Plants for Beginners website, I really struggled with imposter syndrome and still do from time to time.

With that, you should better understand why it’s taken me so long to add any personal information to our “About Us” page.

I hope the updated content on this page helps answer any questions you might have about the people who make indoorplantsforbeginners.com possible.

While we certainly believe it’s important to qualify ourselves as plant lovers and experienced plant parents, we’ve always felt the site should be solely focused on our fellow plant lovers looking for help or information on plants and products.

One of our many “big-picture goals” in 2023 is to provide even more helpful indoor plant content.

We plan on doing this by highlighting many new plants and topics our readers have requested (that’s you 🤗).

(More to come on this goal later)

Who is the “Us” in About Us

While the website is my baby, it’s really a combined effort of myself “Anya” and indoor plant aficionado “Fred Zimmer”.

Fred Zimmer

Fred has a strict editorial policy to make sure we’re creating one-of-a-kind content.

If you’re a regular reader of the website then you’ll probably recognize Fred’s name as the editor/author of the blog posts on the website.

In addition to making sure our content is easily digestible, Fred has been an enormous help when it comes to producing “actionable content”.

In his spare time, Fred can be found replying to emails or photographing our indoor plants so we always have original pictures for our posts.

After 25+ years of experience growing and caring for indoor plants, Fred often handles the request for plant experts such as the most recent indoor gardening experts’ advice article on porch.com.

Together we’re able to combine our decades of caring for indoor plants to produce the indoorplantsforbeginners.com website.

Ok, now I’ll tell you a little more about myself. With some facts and a little humor, I should be able to get through this unscathed.

Anya Anthony

I’ve planted, repotted, saved, and propagated many more plants than I’ve killed. So that’s saying something.

I am

  • A plant lover who has learned more through trial and error than any other learning method.
  • A woman on a journey of learning how taking better care of indoor plants is a way to take better care of myself.
  • A City dweller with a love for indoor plants and animals that exceeds the space in my home.

I am Not

  • I’m not a plant guru with all the answers to save every struggling houseplant
  • I’m not a pro with a perfect-looking studio or plant nursery

I truly hope that after reading this about us page, you have a better idea of:

  • How much we care about plants
  • How much we N’joy🤣 sharing the information we’ve gleaned over the years with you
  • How much we want to help others enjoy the happiness we’ve experienced through caring for indoor plants