About Us

Picture of Anya of IndoorPlantsforBeginners.com

Hello and welcome!

In the early days of creating the Indoor Plants for Beginners website, I really struggled with imposter syndrome and still do from time to time.

That said, you should have a better understanding of why it’s taken me so long to add an “About page” to the website.

I hope this page helps illuminate any questions you might have about the person, or in this case, the people who contribute to indoorplantsforbeginners.com

Who is the “Us” in About Us

While the website is my baby, it’s really a combined effort of myself “Anya” and fellow houseplant enthusiast “Fred Zimmer”.

Fred Zimmer

If you’re a regular reader of the website then you’ll probably recognize Fred’s name as the author and/or editor for the posts on the website.

Fred has been a huge help when it comes to taking many of the pictures of our plants and basically making sure the misspelled words on the blog are kept to a minimum.

It’s very important to Fred that you know that it wasn’t until he began to really research and take courses that he felt he was comfortable sharing his knowledge of plants online with people he’d never met.

Together we’re able to combine our decades of growing, propagating and caring for indoor plants to create this website.

One of our many shared goals is to try answer as many of the questions that we had when we were at the beginning of our “Caring for Indoor Plants Journey”. Right now our preferred method is through the blog posts and eventually videos on the website.

Ok, so now I’ll tell you a little more about myself while doing my best to evade almost every bloggers biggest fear, the monster known as imposter syndrome. With some facts and a little humor. I should be able to get through this unscathed.

Anya Anthony

First of all, I’ve killed a lot of plants over the years.

That’s ok. I’ve planted, repotted, saved and propagated many more plants than I’ve killed. So that’s saying something.

I am

  • A plant lover who has learned more through trial and error than any other method of learning.
  • A woman on a journey of learning how to taking better care of indoor plants
  • A City dweller with a love for houseplants and animals that exceeds the space in my home.
  • A strong female lead 😉

I am Not

  • A Guru with all the answers to save every houseplant
  • A pro with a perfect looking studio or plant nursery (think, plant room instead)
  • A quiter

I Have

(NOT intentionally , of course)

  • Over watered my houseplants and seen what Root Rot can do to healthy plants
  • Under watered many houseplants (including a few cacti)
  • Positioned plants in a way where they wilted & died from not enough light
  • Positioned plants in a way where they became so sunburned and scorched that I couldn’t save them

I Have Not

Reached my goal of helping enough people experience the joy, the comfort and the peacefulness indoor plants can bring to a person’s life.

I truly believe we are at our best when we are helping something outside ourselves live its best life.

Regardless of it being a friend, family member, an animal or even a plant, it’s through the struggle to accommodate another living thing that we find our own humanity.