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Elevate Your Home Decor with These Amazing Indoor Hanging Planters

Indoor plants have become an essential part of interior design, bringing life, color, and fresh air into our homes. Hanging planters provide an elegant way to display these beautiful plants while saving valuable floor and shelf space. The variety of hanging planters available means there’s a style to suit any décor, from minimalist modern to cozy bohemian.

One of the major benefits of using hanging planters is their versatility. They can be used to showcase trailing plants, which gracefully cascade over the edge, or showcase dramatic plants with upright foliage. They’re also ideal for those with limited space, such as apartment dwellers, who want to add a touch of greenery to their homes without compromising on floor space.

When choosing the perfect hanging planter for your indoor plants, it’s essential to consider factors such as the planter’s size, weight, and material. The planter should be large enough to accommodate the plant’s root system, while not being too heavy that it can’t be securely hung. Durability and drainage are also key factors to keep your plants healthy, as well as ensuring the planter complements your personal style and home interior.

I have spent considerable effort researching and testing a variety of hanging planters to determine the best options for showcasing your indoor plants beautifully and conveniently.

When choosing the best hanging planters for your indoor plants, I recommend considering several factors to ensure that you pick the best overall product for your specific needs.

My Recommended Buying Guide

Firstly, I look at the material of the hanging planter. Common materials include ceramic, metal, plastic, and wood. Each material has its pros and cons: ceramics are aesthetically pleasing but might be fragile, while metal and plastic planters are durable but may not be as decorative. I keep in mind the environment and room style where the planter will hang.

Next, I think about the size and capacity of the hanging planter. It’s essential to consider the types of plants I plan to grow, remembering their growth potential. I choose a planter that provides enough space for the plant’s roots, ensuring healthy growth.

Another crucial factor is the drainage system within the hanging planter. Proper drainage avoids root rot and ensures a healthy plant. Therefore, I always look for planters with either drainage holes or a removable inner pot, which can prevent water pooling at the bottom.

The suspension system is a vital aspect to consider when choosing a hanging planter. Different suspension options are available, including ropes, chains, and brackets. When selecting the suspension type, I take into consideration the weight of the planter and the plant, as well as how securely the attachment point can support the hanging planter.

Lastly, I pay attention to the aesthetic design of the hanging planter. The appearance of the planter should complement my home décor and personal preferences. This includes considering the shape, color, and style of the planter.

By considering these factors, I can confidently choose the best hanging planter for my indoor plants, providing them with the ideal environment for healthy growth.

Best Hanging Planters for Indoor Plants

I’ve curated a list of the best hanging planters for indoor plants that not only offer functionality, but also add a touch of style to your home. Explore the selections below to find the perfect fit for your space.

GARDIFE Hanging Planters for Indoor Plants

GARDIFE Hanging Planters

These hanging planters are a stylish and practical choice for showcasing your indoor plants.


  • Modern simple design
  • Three different size pots included
  • Excellent drainage with self-watering feature


  • Pots may be too lightweight for larger plants
  • More suitable for indoor use
  • Plant hanging hardware not included

I recently got my hands on the GARDIFE Hanging Planters for Indoor Plants, and they have been a lovely addition to my indoor garden. The modern simple design with a matte finish adds a minimalistic touch to my home décor without seeming out of place. The set comes with three pots of different sizes (9/8/7.5 inches) which offers flexibility when choosing plants to display.

One thing I appreciated the most is the multiple drainage holes at the bottom of the pots and the self-watering feature. The independent watering lip allows for easy monitoring of water levels, and the reservoir stores enough water for the plants to last a week or more without frequent watering. This system greatly reduces the problem of root rot and ensures that my plants stay healthy.

However, I did notice that the pots are on the lighter side, which might not be ideal for larger plants. Additionally, the planters seem more suitable for indoor use, so if you’re planning to use them outdoors, you might want to consider other options. Lastly, hardware for hanging the planters is not included, so you’ll need to purchase hooks or brackets separately.

Overall, I am happy with my GARDIFE Hanging Planters. They are modern, stylish, and make plant care more accessible with their self-watering feature. Just keep in mind the need for additional hanging hardware and the lightweight nature of the pots. If these minor cons don’t bother you, I highly recommend these planters for your indoor plants.

Bouqlife 3 Pack Macrame Plant Hangers with Pots

Bouqlife 3 Pack Macrame Plant Hangers

Bouqlife 3 pack macrame plant hangers with pots are a great investment for indoor plant enthusiasts with their sleek design and user-friendly features.


  • Various sizes included (34″, 26″, 20″)
  • High-quality PP plastic pots with drainage holes
  • Eco-friendly, durable 100% cotton rope hangers


  • Smallest hanger could be awkward to hang
  • Limited to round plant pots
  • Pot saucers may not fit snugly

I recently purchased the Bouqlife 3 Pack Macrame Plant Hangers with Pots for a few of my indoor plants, and I have been extremely pleased with their aesthetic and functionality. The package came with three hangers in varying sizes, which worked perfectly for a few of my different plants. The accompanying pots are made of high-quality PP plastic that is lightweight and features a drainage hole in the bottom.

The hangers themselves are hand-braided with eco-friendly, durable 100% cotton rope. These hanging planters add a beautiful minimalist boho touch to my home, and the lack of tassels allows for a more space-efficient and pet-friendly design.

However, it is worth noting that the smallest hanger can be a bit awkward when trying to hang it, especially if the plant in the pot has not grown much yet. Additionally, the style and design of the hangers may limit the use to only round plant pots. One minor issue I encountered was the pot saucers not fitting snugly, though this might not be a problem for all sets.

The Bouqlife 3 Pack Macrame Plant Hangers and Pots are a wonderful addition to any indoor plant owner’s collection. Their sleek design, useful features, and eco-friendly materials make them a worthwhile purchase for plant enthusiasts.

Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter Set

Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter

I highly recommend the Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter Set for anyone looking to elevate their indoor plants with modern style and convenience.


  • Stylish and versatile design
  • Suitable for various plant types
  • Good quality with drainage holes


  • Rope knots can be challenging to adjust
  • More utilitarian than decorative
  • Not as adjustable as advertised

Having used the Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter Set in my own home, I appreciate the modern and stylish design of these planters. The matte white glaze fits in seamlessly with various décor styles, making them a great addition to any room. The set includes both a shallow 8-inch and a deep 6-inch planter, allowing for different plants, such as ivy, ferns, succulents, or herbs, to thrive in their preferred environment.

One essential feature I noticed in the Mkono planters is the drainage hole at the bottom of each pot. This prevents water accumulation, helping your plants stay healthy and prolonging their lifespan. The planters also come with a detachable rubber plug to keep dirt inside when needed. The polyester rope hanger is durable, but I found it more utilitarian than decorative, which might not be ideal for those looking for a more ornate option.

One issue I did encounter with these planters is that adjusting the rope knots can be quite challenging. While the product description mentions adjustable heights and provides instructions on how to retie the rope, I found it difficult to achieve the desired length and keep the planter level. This might be something to consider if you plan to hang your planters at varying heights.

Overall, the Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter Set is an excellent investment for those seeking a stylish and convenient way to display their indoor plants. Despite the challenges with rope adjustment, the modern design and practical drainage system make these planters well worth it.

QCQHDU 2 Pack Hanging Planters Set

QCQHDU Hanging Planters

The QCQHDU Hanging Planters Set is a fantastic purchase for those who want to elevate their indoor plant game with a stylish and functional design.


  • Minimalist design perfect for various home decor styles
  • Indoor/outdoor use adds versatility to your space
  • Snap buckle tray design allows for visible water level and easy watering


  • Loose saucer may cause water spillage
  • Some users report difficulties with the water reservoir
  • Made of plastic, which might not suit everyone’s taste

I recently got my hands on the QCQHDU 2 Pack Hanging Planters Set and after using it, I can confidently say it’s an excellent addition to my indoor plant collection. The minimalist design seamlessly complements various home decor styles, and its vertical hanging feature has been a real space-saver.

One of the key reasons I was drawn to these hanging planters is their indoor/outdoor use feature. I can easily use them to brighten up my patio, garden, porch, or any room in my house. They’ve proved to be a great gift for fellow plant lovers as well.

The snap buckle tray design, which shows the visible water level, is an innovative touch that makes watering plants a whole lot easier. However, it’s essential to be cautious with over-watering as water spillage can occur due to the loose saucer. Also, some users have reported issues with the water reservoir at the bottom of the pot, so be mindful of that while watering your plants.

As for durability, the planters are made of a lightweight and recyclable plastic material blended with natural stone powder, which might not be everyone’s preferred choice. Yet, the planters come with strong three rope hangers, ensuring stability when hung up indoors or outdoors.

To sum up, the QCQHDU 2 Pack Hanging Planters Set offers a stylish and functional solution for people who want to enhance their indoor plant game. Just be cautious with watering and take note of the material before purchasing.

Melphoe 2 Pack Self Watering Hanging Planters

Melphoe Hanging Planters

These hanging planters are excellent for indoor plants and make plant care convenient, especially during travel or business trips.


  • Self-watering pot with cotton rope
  • Visible water level with transparent material
  • Inner pot with drainage holes


  • Plastic material may be too thin for some users
  • Assembly and water refill process can be cumbersome
  • Hanging chain might be short

I recently used the Melphoe Self Watering Hanging Planters for my indoor plants, and I have to say, I am impressed with its self-watering feature. The cotton rope in these hanging planters absorbs water and keeps the soil moist, and the stored water can feed plants for two weeks or more. This hassle-free watering system has made my travel plans a breeze!

The premium PET transparent material used in these planters allows me to easily observe the water level and know when it’s time to refill the water. I find this convenient because I no longer forget to fill water into the pot. Thanks to the double layers design, the inner pot has 12 drainage holes that drain excess water to the bottom of the outer pot and give the plant roots ample airflow. This unique design allows the stored water to be absorbed by the wick rope to feed the plants in return.

These versatile hanging planters come with removable hanging chains, making it easy to hang them outdoors like patio, garden, or inside the house, such as the kitchen or living room. Interestingly, the flat bottom of the planter also enables it to sit on a desktop without the chains, giving it added functionality.

However, I did notice that the plastic material used in these planters is somewhat thin. Although they are sturdy enough for small plants, they may not be suitable for holding heavier plants. Additionally, the assembly and water refill process can feel a bit cumbersome, as the entire planter needs to be taken out to be refilled. Lastly, the hanging chain may be too short for some users’ preferences.

Despite these drawbacks, I still recommend the Melphoe Self Watering Hanging Planters for indoor plant lovers who want a convenient and stylish solution for hanging their plants. The self-watering design, visible water level, and versatile hanging options make them a perfect choice.

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